Welcome to India House Design. We offer customized house designs and house plans as per your requirements, including Vastu. You can order house design or house plans online, and our professional architectural design team will design and prepare the drawings and guide you through the process of building your dream house.

Complete House Design Services

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Start with a custom-designed house plan and get complete house design services, including structural & construction drawings, material selection advice, remote site visits & answers to all your questions to build your dream house easily & safely. 

Customized House Designs & House Plans as per your requirements & Vastu.


Place your house design order online
Place your house design order online
Meet our design team online to discuss your house design requirements
Meet us online for house design discussions
Get custom designed house plans to easily build your dream house
Get customized house designs & advice to easily build your dream house
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Online House Design Services delivered across India.

I was looking to build my house and searching for a perfect house plan. After meeting many Architects and house designers, I got more confused. I took my search online and there again I found many websites, but none could understand my needs and provide the right advice. Then a friend of mine suggested Indiahousedesign.com, at first it appeared to be expensive, but after reading more and discussing with their design team, I found their house design services to be of excellent quality and were in fact quite affordable. I was planning to spend about Rs. 50 lakhs for my three-bedroom duplex house and I realized that I needed to invest a fair bit in the house design and drawings. Indiahousedesign.com helped me through the conceptual design, construction drawings and supported me throughout the construction process. I'm happy that I'll be moving into my new house shortly and I cannot thank Indiahousedesign.com enough.
Client of Indiahousedesign
Dr. Prashant Jain
Client of Indiahousedesign.com
Constructing your dream house is not an easy task and we are here to help you. We offer house designs, house plans and other home design services online for your convenience. Our services are affordable and you only pay for what you need. All our house designs are custom made just for you as per your requirements and Vastu. Our house design team is experienced and qualified and you can rest assured that your house will be designed for comfort, and good living.
Indian house designs
Neha Sharma
House Designer

India House Design provides customized house design services for Indian House Plans, Duplex House Designs, Modern House Designs, Small House Designs, Triplex House Designs, Traditional House Designs, Apartment Designs, Row House Designs, Commercial Building Designs, Hotel Designs, 2 bedroom house plans, 3 bedroom house plans as per Vastu, Single floor plans, new house plans, house plans with basement, office with residential house plans, house plans with puja rooms, rental with residential house plans, bungalow designs, custom house designs, two sides open house plans, four side open house plans, two-floor house designs, studio house plans, family house plans, Kerala house plans, beautiful India style house designs.

Our team of experienced architectural house designers will help you design your West facing house design, East facing house design, South facing house design and North facing house design as per Vastu and your requirements.

Order your house design online, and we will provide you with a customized house plan as per your plot size, plot dimensions, road direction, number of bedrooms required, Vastu shastra, budget and style. Get complete house design services at your fingertip.