Electrical & Plumbing Drawings


All Electrical & Plumbing Drawings are made as per the design of your house and you will get the following drawings that you can share with your contractor:

  1. Location of Lights, Fans, Switches, Sockets, Wifi, TV, etc.
  2. Location of Main Panel, AC, Geysers, Inverter, Power Sockets, etc.
  3. Circuit Diagram showing distribution from Mains to Various Locations
  4. Wiring Thicknesses for Circuit and Distribution
  5. Ampere and Wattage for Switches & Sockets
  6. Earthing Design
  7. Water Supply Piping Layout with pipe sizing
  8. Drainage & Sewerage Layout with pipe sizing
  9. Correct location of Bathroom Fittings, Kitchen Sink, etc.
  10. Guidance on Tank Capacities, Septic Tank Designs, etc.
  11. Type of fittings and suggested Manufacturer, etc.
  12. Complete House’s Plumbing and Water Supply Drawings so that your Plumbing Contractor or Plumber can construct correctly.


Following details and drawing are not included:

  1. Single Line Drawing (SLD) for electrical layouts
  2. Power calculations
  3. Transformer and connection details
  4. UPS Sizing
  5. Septic Tank Construction details
  6. Overhead tank construction details
  7. Connection details to the mains


All good things take time, please be patient.

All designs & drawings take time and some take additional time based on the complexity of the design and requirements. Our Design Team tries to process and design your dream house as soon as possible. We may take up to one month to process and provide these drawings to you. We advise you to kindly plan ahead.

Patience is a Virtue


Indiahousedesign.com has the following refund policy:

  1. 80% refund of your amount if the order is cancelled within 24 hours of placing the order.
  2. No refund if the order is cancelled beyond 24 hours of placing the order.
  3. No refund if Drawings (either Draft or Final) are sent to you.


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