Structural & Construction Drawings


Structural & Construction Drawings are details that are needed to construct or build your house. These drawings can be shared with your contractor. These drawings will define the actual dimensions, materials, hardware and specifications for constructing your dream house.

What you will get:

  1. All Structural Designs include RCC (Re-inforced Cement Concrete) and Reinforcing Steel Details.
  2. Foundation Design showing Size, Type and Depth of Foundation for columns.
  3. Column Centerline, so you can place the columns at the right locations
  4. Column Sizing & Design of each column
  5. Column Schedule for Column Steel Reinforcement details
  6. Plinth Beams or Tie Beams to ensure stability and make it EarthQuake resistant.
  7. Beam Sizing, Location and Design for each floor
  8. Beam Schedule with Reinforcing Steel details
  9. Slab thickness and Design for each floor
  10. Slab Schedule for Reinforcing Steel details
  11. Construction Drawings for floor plans with dimensions of each opening, doors, windows, sill & lintel heights, sun shades and other details needed for construction purposes.
  12. Detailed floor plans showing the dimensions of brick or masonry wall.
  13. Floor levels from the road, entrance steps and outside area.
  14. Staircase size, number of treads, risers and detailed structural drawings for the staircase in RCC.
  15. Window and door details so that you can order them or get them made by your carpenter.
  16. Flooring specifications & level.

Note: If you wish that these drawings are explained to your contractor, please order our full house design service.





Structural Drawings Include the following:

  • Column Centerline
  • Column Schedule
  • Footings Layout
  • Footings Sections
  • Footings Schedule
  • Plinth Beams / Tie Beams Layout
  • Plinth Beams / Tie Beams Schedule
  • Slab Level Beams Layout
  • Slab Level Beams Schedule
  • Slab Level Slab Layout
  • Slab Level Slab Schedule

Drawings Not Included:

  • Bar Bending Details & reinforcement cutting sizes.
  • Beams & Slab Sections & details showing the location of each steel rod. This needs to be done by the contractor as each contractor has a different method.
  • Steel quantities for ordering – this needs to be identified by the contractor based on their expertise level and wastage program.


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All good things take time, please be patient.

All designs & drawings take time and some take additional time based on the complexity of the design and requirements. Our Design Team tries to process and design your dream house as soon as possible. We may take up to one month to process and provide these drawings to you. We advise you to kindly plan ahead.

Patience is a Virtue

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  2. No refund if the order is cancelled beyond 24 hours of placing the order.
  3. No refund if Drawings (either Draft or Final) are sent to you.


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