Vastu House Design Consultancy


Is your house Vastu Shastra Compliant? Get customized Vastu advice related to your new house design or existing house.

  1. Personalized Vastu Consultancy & advice related to your house design.
  2. 30 minutes of Video or phone conversation
  3. Send your existing house plan or proposed house design for us to study and provide Vastu advice
  4. Will mark and send Vastu advice & suggestion on the drawing by email
  5. Suggest possible changes to rooms or spaces to make your house Vastu compliant.


If you are wondering whether your new house design follows the ancient Indian rules of Vastu Shastra, you can seek professional guidance and advice. If you are planning to build your new house and want to know how Vastu Shastra can help you in the house design and want your new house to follow the Vastu principles, you can get Vastu guidance online. Our house design team will provide you with personalized Vastu advice for you.

You can send us your existing house design, or plot map and we will call you and discuss the Vastu principles applicable to you and your house. We will spend 30 minutes with you over a phone call or a video conference and help you identify the finer points of Vastu Shastra.

Does not include revised design or drawings.