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Cost of Constructing a house in India?

What is the cost of Constructing a House in India?

The cost must be the most critical question you have if you have just decided to build your dream home. It is an essential question because if you know beforehand the amount of hard-earned money you’ll be spending, you can make a much more informed and right decision, right?? The problem is not if I can tell you how much you will spend, but whether you will believe my estimate? You will surely go and ask many different people the same question, few of them would have built their houses. They would be able to inform you of the cost of construction in a much more definitive way, but your mind will never agree. You will always feel that you can build your dream home in a much more economical way, as you are much smarter, and you can take time off from the office and buy materials at a much-negotiated and discounted price. Maybe buying in cash and bulk will help reduce the cost.

Sorry to break it to you. The answer to the cost of constructing a house is straightforward; it will always cost you 25% more than what you think you will spend building it.

The cost of construction in India varies a lot. From place to place and from time to time, a simple example is that the cost of bricks increases by almost 50% during the monsoon season & if you happen to be the unfortunate one buying bricks during that time, then your cost of construction has already increased.

Various factors such as wastages, breakages, re-works, etc. also eat up into your adequately planned budget. Hence it would be best to get a proper estimate from an Architect or a qualified and experienced engineer before you start the construction of your dream house. Having the right set of drawings and details will help you in saving money. 

The following tips will hopefully help you make an informed decision:

  1. The cost of Construction in India as of 2020 is between Rs. 2,000/- to Rs. 3,000/- per Square Feet of Slab Area for a simple and beautiful house. The cost increases if you increase the value of finishes, such as Italian Marble or False Ceiling, Plaster of Paris punning, and such.
  2. Constructing two or more floors is more economical than only building a single floor. It is so because the additional cost of footings, plinth beams, excavations, fillings, etc. gets averaged to upper floor construction.
  3. It takes a minimum of 6 months to construct the house’s bare shell, including brickwork and plastering, so plan to start construction at least six months before the monsoon.
  4. Designs, Drawings and finalizing the floor plans, cost estimates, elevations, and other details take about two months, give more time for design discussions, and not change the design once it is final. Unless, of course, you are ready for cost overruns.
  5. Please don’t fall for the trap that a cheaper material and cheaper construction is possible, no it is not. You can economize the construction by proper planning and proper design, but trying to construct your dream house in a much cheaper way because some intelligent person tells you, will only lead to additional unknown expenses at the cost of quality.

Whatever you decide, it is essential to plan and discuss your budget openly and frankly with your Architect or Engineer. You can also avail of the house design services of indiahousedesign.com to get your house designed online and get a proper cost estimate for your dream house.

Please feel free to contact us or ask us a question related to your house construction and we’ll be happy to reply.

We wish you all a very Happy House Construction.

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