Apartment Building Design Services


  1. Order custom-designed Apartment building designs made as per your requirements, plot size, road direction and amenities needed.
  2. Ideal for developers, builders, contractors and local engineers.
  3. One bedroom (1 bhk) or Two bedrooms (2 bhk) or 3 bedrooms (3 bhk) Apartments or Flats house design
  4. The apartment building design will have multiple Flats on Typical Floors.
  5. Includes Site Plan Drawings as per inputs provided by you showing the setbacks / Free Space from the boundary
  6. Floor Plans showing the room dimensions, furniture placements, doors, windows, partitions, etc. (similar to the sample house plans shown above)
  7. G.F. / Basement or Stilt will be for Parking, Watchman’s Room, Utilities, etc.
  8. Children’s Play area or tot lot will be proposed as per space available, other amenities as needed will be designed.
  9. Car parking areas, circulation and access points will be designed.
  10. Typical column locations will be shown on Stilt or G.F. for Parking Plan
  11. Lifts, Elevators, and staircases will be designed for circulation.
  12. All flats will be designed with privacy, security and ventilation.
  13. PDF File of Floor Plans electronically sent to you (Email or WhatsApp)
  14. Vastu Compliant*
  15. Structural Safety Checks*
  16. Area Statement*
  17. Design discussions in-person via virtual meetings online.#
  18. Free Modifications at Draft Design Stage*




  1. You will get an Apartment building design for multi-family housing.
  2. The Apartment building will be custom designed by our Architectural design team as per your requirements, plot size, road direction, setback requirements, space requirement, style and budget.
  3. Vastu Compliant if required.
  4. Add or edit any additional space as per your requirement and we will design the apartment building accordingly, only limited by the number of flats per typical floor.
  5. You can mention the building zoning guidelines or open spaces to be left around your building. If you are not sure, we will design the house as per NBC or identify the local norms.
  6. Apartment building design and floor plans may be designed for a one-bedroom flat or a two-bedroom flat or three-bedroom flats or a mix of these.
  7. Staircase and lifts for vertical circulation.
  8. Lobby areas, amenities such as children’s play areas, security cabin, bike lockers, gym, and pool will be designed as per the space available and as per your requirements.
  9. Room Sizes will be as per Ergonomics Standards, for best Quality of Life.
  10. Proper Ventilation for both Air and Light will be incorporated during the Design and this feature cannot be compromised.
  11. This Apartment design & floor plans will include Room Names with Room Dimensions and basic Furniture Layout, explaining the circulation of the house.
  12. Sizes of Doors and Windows will be as per the Standards and sizes of the opening dimensions will not be marked on the drawing.
  13. The Apartment building designs are pre-checked for Civil / Structural & Construction requirements and you can use these drawings to actually construct the building. You may need additional drawings and details to do so.
  14. A draft floor plan will be first sent to you, you may provide your inputs and after receiving your Inputs, we will send you the final drawings.
  15. Any modification or small changes or revisions can be ordered additionally if not already covered by your order.
  16. All communications with the design team will be via electronic text messaging only.
  17. Appointments can be booked online for design discussions. Our team will discuss the design with you over the phone or video conference.
  18. You can send your plot plan dimensions via a sketch, site photos, Google Maps location, existing drawings or other information.
  19. No CAD or AutoCAD file will be provided, in case you wish for a soft copy of the AutoCAD / CAD file, please order additionally.
  20. No hard copies or print outs will be provided. Let’s save a few trees and our environment.


  1. Please fill in the Building design Requirement during checkout.
  2. Make Online Payment using our secure payment gateway.
  3. Once we receive the Payment and your requirements, we’ll contact you to start the design process.


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Number of Flats on a Typical Floor

Two Flats per Floor, Three Flats per Floor, Four Flats per Floor, Five Flats per Floor, Six Flats per Floor